Cobia Controls, LLC

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abb fischer porter rotameters instrumentation controls process industry

ABB's extensive line of flow, level, pressure, temperature products as well as, controllers, recorders, actuators and positioners.

AccuTru thermocouples and RTDs instrumentation controls process industry

Supplying a robust line of temperature measurement - RTDs, thermocouples, transmitters and thermowells. 

blancett turbine flow meters transmitters instrumentation controls process industry

Cost effective, accurate, informative and effective turbine flow meters, totalizers and transmitters for a wide variety of applications 

chem oil products pressure gauges needle valves manifolds instrumentation controls process industry

 Tried and true pressure and temperature instrumentation including bimetal thermometers, needle valves, manifolds and numerous tube fittings 


Recognized as a global leader in the manufacture of ceramic ball valves that have proven their superior properties and longevity in hostile environments such as corrosive and abrasive applications.

ktek abb magnetic level gauges instrumentation and controls process industry

The K-TEK level product line of magnetic level gauges, laser & GWR transmitters, switches, and floats has the proven technology to provide solutions for the most difficult liquids & solids level applications.

precision digital controllers panel meters instrumentation controls process industry

Level, flow, pressure, and temperature indicators, controllers and digital panel meters. 

wika pressure and temperature measurement instrumentation controls process industry

 High precision pressure and temperature test gauges and gauge seals that are easy to calibrate.