K-Tek Level Measurement- an ABB Brand

Level Measurement

ABB is a leading global manufacturer of state-of-the-art instruments for liquid and bulk solids level measurement. Thanks to the technological heritage of K-TEK level measurement, their level measurement products demonstrated versatility in numerous applications, affording our customers a variety of practical and innovative solutions for their installation needs. ABB counts numerous installations worldwide in applications such as: oil and gas production, pulp and paper processing, mining and construction, food and beverage and chemical processing. The company operates offices, service locations as well as R&D facilities for industrial equipment around the world. 


Product Highlights


With a graphic display incorporated into an all digital electronics module, waveform screens have been added to the modular electronics.

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Utilizing multiple sensor technologies, accurate and reliable measurement of liquid level and interface are provided in even the most difficult and hazardous  industrial environments. 

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A high performance, non-contact laser transmitter that accurately measures level, distance and position over short and long ranges in harsh environments. 

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KM26 - Magnetic Level Gauge

With over 200,000 installations worldwide, the KM26 Magnetic Level Gauge has provided custom engineered solutions to liquid level applications in industries such as: Oil and Gas, Refinery, Chemical, Petrochemical, Power Generation and many more. The KM26 MLG has proven itself to be a safe, reliable, maintenance free solution for total and/or interface level detection in toxic, corrosive, high pressure, and high temperature processes 

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LMT - Next Generation Magnetorestrictive Transmitter


The LMT’s principle of operation and simple setup ensure customer process is always measured reliably and accurately. This allows them to maximize their process efficiency, uptime and profits. 

LMT is available as an insertion style “wetted” transmitter (LMT100) or as an externally mounted, non-intrusive design (LMT200) for use with the market leading KM26 magnetic level gauge or with any other float and level chamber. 

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