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Variable Area Flowmeters and Rotameters

Variable area flowmeters are the most cost effective solution for almost all applications involving the measurement of industrial process liquids, gases or steam. ABB´s variable area flowmeters are reliable, flexible and simple. They meet the application requirements by featuring a wide range of design varieties and sizes. Technology proven, they offer a long life and high reproducibility. Variable area flowmeters are excellent mechanical back-up meters because no external power supply is needed. 

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Product Highlights


The metal cone VA flowmeter can be utilized for measuring the flow of liquids, steam and gases, especially when aggressive or opaque fluids are to be metered. 

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The Ratosight is the best available rugged, low cost, low flow glass tube solution for alakali  fluids such as sea water.

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The V/A Master meter is a glass tube variable area flowmeter providing visual indication of flow rate over a 12-1/2 to 1 range on a linear scale.  

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